Beachwood Academy of Self-Defense, Tai Shin Doh & Tai Shin Jitsu
Beachwood Academy of Self-Defense, Tai Shin Doh & Tai Shin Jitsu
It's better to know and not need it, then need it and not know!
It's better to know and not need it,then need it and not know!

Succession Documents

Below are documents of Tai Shin Doh and Tai Shin Jitsu's founder, Soke Ron Balas' wishes communicated multiple times to multiple Grand Masters/Soke's including just prior to his death. Full images of these documents can be found further down on this page.

Articles of Succession

Top half of page 1

This section of the document defines the title of Soke, and names Allen Roth as the Soke Dai

Articles of Succession

Top half of page 2

This section contains the notorized signature of Soke Ron Balas. The original physical document is in the possession of Allen Roth

International Circle of Masters Endorsement

Letter from Grandmaster Dan Mc Eaddy

Witness documentation of Soke Ron Balas' wishes from only a few weeks prior to Soke's passing

New World Martial Arts

Letter from Soke Mike Bissonnette

Another witness document of Soke Ron Balas' wishes from a month prior to Soke's passing

Recognition of Soke

from the International Circle of Masters

Official scroll that documents that GM Ron Balas made it known to three members of the ICOM that he wanted Allen Roth to inherit TSD

Complete images of the documents noted above

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