Beachwood Academy of Self-Defense, Tai Shin Doh & Tai Shin Jitsu
Beachwood Academy of Self-Defense, Tai Shin Doh & Tai Shin Jitsu
It's better to know and not need it, then need it and not know!
It's better to know and not need it,then need it and not know!


Tai Shin Doh is a martial arts style known around the world for its quick and easy self-defense techniques that anyone can perform. It is a true mixed martial art from well before that term was coined. At its' core, it combines elements of Shotokan Karate, T'ang Soo Do, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, and modern Armed Forces Self-Defense. It is a style that is constantly evolving and improving. The current Soke, or head of family, has Krav Maga experience that he has also integrated into his classes.


Tai Shin Doh was founded right here in Cleveland, Ohio by Soke Ronald F. Balas in 1967. It grew out of his armed service, and martial arts training he received in both Korea and Japan, during the Korean War, and upon returning back to the states. In the late summer of 1952, Soke Balas continued to train in JiuJitsu and Combat Self Defense while having been assigned to military bases at Ft. Knox Kentucky and Camp Gordon, Georgia, (now Ft. Gordon). During his undergraduate school days' Soke Balas became part of an informal Sport Karate Club at the old Fenn College (1955/59) which in 1963 became known as Cleveland State University.


During the 60's, he began teaching his own integrated, three dimensional approach to the martial arts, founded solidly upon full-contact Karate and "hard fought" JiuJitsu, but also integrating elements of Aikido, T'ang Soo Do, Judo and modern Armed Forces Self-Defense training. Then in 1967, the concepts of TAI, the head or intellect, SHIN, the heart and body, and DOH the "way" or "path" was suggested for consideration as the "new name" by a grateful and loyal Black Belt assistant Sensei Kingsley Guy. Thus was born Tai Shin Doh, officially inaugurated in 1967. 


During the 1970's, Tai Shin Doh had the honor and privilege of being the official training method for many Law Enforcement personnel as well as elements of US Army Special Forces.(Res.) From there the style continued to grow and evolve to where it is today.


Soke Balas passed away in February, 2016. It is in his memory that we continue to teach and keep his style alive.


  1. The Martial Arts are horizontally integrated, equally important, and useful.
  2. A Martial Art should be vertically integrated too, i.e., involving basic self-defense, kata, weapons forms, competitive Kumite, etc.
  3. Studying the "Way of the Warrior" can effectively lead one to the "Way of the Peacemaker."
  4. The appropriate response for the situation should always be taught.
  5. We do NOT "give" belt promotions. Our students have to test and earn them.
  6. The coveted black belt is not an end in itself. Rather, it's a beginning, a doorway through which our students enter a new, more mature phase of martial arts study.
  7. The true martial artist views his/her art as a lifelong philosophy, not a hobby.


  1. Ethics are the beginning and the end of everything we do.
  2. Duty to our Martial Arts discipline is like duty to our commonwealth; it is a fundamental part of us.
  3. Learning and teaching are sacred.
  4. Students must learn to be good teachers, just as teachers must never stop being good students, and continue to learn.
  5. Learning and teaching modes must be flexible to meet student needs.
  6. Kindness and courtesy are as important as any self-defense move.
  7. Violence serves no one. The best Martial Artists avoid fights if at all possible.
  8. There are no secrets in Tai Shin Doh; everything is open to scrutiny.


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