Beachwood Academy of Self-Defense, Tai Shin Doh & Tai Shin Jitsu
Beachwood Academy of Self-Defense, Tai Shin Doh & Tai Shin Jitsu
It's better to know and not need it, then need it and not know!
It's better to know and not need it,then need it and not know!

Adult Tai Shin Doh (ages 14+)

Our older teen and adult classes are where you can realize the full breadth of the Tai Shin Doh and Tai Shin Jitsu styles.

Older teens and adults, with or without previous experience, can learn all aspects of the martial art. We customize the training program to match the students body type, interests, and apptitude. In these classes, one can learn everything from traditional striking and kata, fighting from standing or the ground, joint manipulation and locks, throws and sweeps, pressure points, to both usage and defense against traditional and non-traditional weapons. Our program develops your body, mind, and spirit.


If you have previous training or even a black belt, come try out a class. We guarantee you'll refine what you already know, and learn new, more advanced techniques and have fun doing it. Come work with us, and develop more physically, mentally, and spiritually. Regardless of your current rank and style, Tai Shin Doh and Tai Shin Jitsu has something new to offer you.


Our Grandmaster instructor and affiliations pages will give you an idea of what level our training is at. Come try us out at no charge. You have nothing to lose, only gain!

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Beachwood Academy

25400 Fairmount Blvd
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Phone: 216 815-5873 216 815-5873

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Refer a non-family member new student and receive 20% off when they enroll. Just mention this special! 

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